Hey There

Tina loves that yoga meets us where we are, as we are, and then forever changes our lives. She developed a deep love of the practice in 2007 while living in NYC, and the practice quickly became her sanctuary to quiet her body and mind amidst the hustle of the big city. 

She is forever grateful for this practice that opens our minds and expands our hearts. Her mantra is to come as you are, and observe what unfolds. Tina’s classes are thoughtful and playful, sharing inspiration from her personal practice and life. Classes are a dynamic & creative vinyasa flow style, encouraging students to move, breathe, and find their unique place within each pose. Tina’s classes are a sacred space to tap into your inner rhythm, cultivating self-awareness, presence, and authenticity.     

Tina is a 335 RYT from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, and a Reiki Master. When Tina is not on the mat, she loves hiking, drawing, exploring photography, and hanging with her animal friends! She is grateful to be able to share her heart and practice with you.